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International Marketing Group

In 1994, Republic Chemical Industries, Inc. opened its doors to the Asian region with its first export to Malaysia. Since then, the company's International Markets Group has focused on introducing the brand, Pioneer.

The company's export market continues to grow as it caters the Asian markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the neighboring regions of New Zealand and Australia, far-west Europe and the USA. The group has long diversified its business to accommodate demands from these markets. It currently supplies them with both its own Pioneer brand of products and raw products to serve other private adhesive labels (verify with client).

Upholding the company's vision-mission, the International Markets Group is committed in maintaining Pioneer’s status as a leading brand of adhesive in the international scene.


Seven Seas Seven Seas Material/Trade Name - Seven Seas Epoxy; Material Type: Epoxy Adhesive ... read more »
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Pioneer Elastoseal - 300ml, 250g Pioneer Elastoseal - 300ml, 250g An affordable single component, ready to use high grade roof sealant which cures to form an elastic and weatherproof seal that lasts. Works even on wet surfaces Non-sag even up to ½” thick Withstands joint movements Strong ... read more »
Contact Bond - 50ml, 15ml Contact Bond - 50ml, 15ml Industrial strength rubber contact cement which gives strong but flexible adhesion. Best for rubber, leather, canvas, wood, laminated plastic, cork, tile and vinyl. Color : Yellow Available in 15ml and 50ml Blister Pack. ... read more »
Pearl Glaze Gloss Pearl Glaze Gloss Epoxy based paint Brightest sheen and more epoxy content than competition making it tougher and less susceptible to cracking or peeling Proportion: 3:1 Two finishes: satin and gloss Available in 1 liter and 4 liter sets ... read more »
Durasteel Five Epoxy - 35g Durasteel Five Epoxy - 35g Fast setting steel-filled epoxy which cures to a steel-hard metallic gray mass. Most common applications are metal parts of cars like mufflers appliances, machineries, engine blocks, tools, utensils, seals leaks in plumbing, radiators, oil, gas and water lines and tanks. Can be ... read more »
RC1 Lubricating Spray - 400ml, 100ml RC1 Lubricating Spray - 400ml, 100ml Lubricating spray that drives out moisture, protects against rust and salt water corrosion. Starts wet motors, drives out moisture from distributors, spark plugs, relays, wiring cables and wet engines. Protects against rust, metal corrosion on moving parts... read more »
Mighty Gasket - Red, Black and Grey Mighty Gasket - Red, Black and Grey 100 % silicone rubber that makes high performance formed-in-place gaskets of any size and shape in minutes making engines leakproof and more durable. Replaces and outperforms conventional rubber cork, paper, felt and asbestos gaskets. Resistant to water, oil, batt... read more »
Water-Tite 100 Instant Plug Water-Tite 100 Instant Plug Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 100 Instant Plug is supplied as a dry powder which only needs the addition of water to produce an ultra rapid set plugging mortar. Features: Seals leaks in running water Patching concrete mortar Rapid setting Repair pr... read more »
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Water-Tite 101 Water-Tite 101 Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 101 is a ready to use and easy to apply crystalline waterproofing formulation of selected blends of cement, fine quartz sand and active chemicals constituents providing a lasting imperviousness to water. Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 101 can be applied on both new and old structur... read more »
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Water-Tite 102 Water-Tite 102 Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 102 is paintable and easy to apply two component, flexible cementitous waterproofing membrane for internal and external applications. It consists of selected cement blend with well-graded fillers and synthetic resin. Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 102 is capable of bridging hairlin... read more »
Non-Sag Epoxy Non-Sag Epoxy This epoxy won’t sag or drip for applications of ½ inch thick Can be used in vertical or overhead applications Also adheres well to damp surfaces Curing time: 96 hours Color: Beige Availab... read more »
All Purpose Epoxy All Purpose Epoxy Used in a wide variety of materials: wood, metal, concrete, glass, porcelain, ceramic and some plastics. Color when mixed : Pink Setting Time : 6-8 hours Available in 35g Medium and 25g Small Blister pack. ... read more »
Plus Five Epoxy Plus Five Epoxy Fast setting clear epoxy. Setting Time : 5 minutes Available in 15g and 5x6g Strip Blister Pack ... read more »
Durasteel Epoxy Durasteel Epoxy Steel-filled epoxy which cures to a steel-hard metallic gray mass. Most common applications are metal parts of cars like mufflers appliances, machineries, engine blocks, tools, utensils, seals leaks in plumbing, radiators, oil, gas and water lines and tanks Can be filed, drilled... read more »
Mighty Bond Mighty Bond A cyanoacrylate adhesive that bonds with incredible speed and strength. Single component adhesive Bonds in 5-10 seconds Invisible glue line No mixing or clamping needed Best for bonding closely fitted porous and non-porous ... read more »